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Unlimited Vehicles.

$109.95 / year

Unlimited vehicles, up to 4 members, up to 5 uses in a 12 month period

A CARCHEX Unlimited Vehicle Roadside membership provides you with all the great benefits of our roadside services for any vehicle in your household.

*All CARCHEX Roadside Plans have a 3 day waiting period before services can be used.

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Plan Details

CARCHEX Unlimited Vehicle Roadside

Unlike many other plans, the Unlimited Vehicle Roadside can be used for up to four members for UNLIMITED vehicles for up to 5 uses in a 12 month period.

24/7 Emergency Towing:
You will receive up to 25 miles of towing guaranteed at no “out of pocket” expense to you.

Mechanical First Aid:
Services requiring minor adjustments (exclusive of parts) to enable a disabled vehicle to proceed under its own power.

Flat Tire Service:
Roadside assistance will change an inflated spare from mount to wheel.

Emergency Battery Service:
Roadside assistance will attempt to start vehicle with a booster battery.

Lost Key or Lockout Service:
We will dispatch a service vehicle to assist you in gaining access to your vehicle’s locked passenger compartment only.  In the event you need locksmith services we will pay to dispatch service however, you are responsible for costs of labor or key making.

Fuel Delivery Service:
Delivery of an emergency supply of gasoline. The member shall pay for cost of the fuel delivered.

Mapping Service:
Customized trip routing provides a specially prepared map outlining your travel route.

Theft Reward
We will pay a person (excluding member’s family or relatives) $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a person for the theft of a member’s vehicle or tagged valuable articles.

Mobile Application:
Provides quick and easy access to your roadside assistance benefits. Send your breakdown information directly to our dispatch call center for quick and accurate dispatching of your roadside assistance needs.

CARCHEX Roadside Plans are not available to residents of California and Puerto Rico.